Jeu d'évasion Manneken Pis

Companie: Escape the Room in 60 Minutes

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Rue Saint-Jean 37 1000 Bruxelles ()

+32 2 880 03 70

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The escape room invites you for the 60 minutes of full immersion into the world of the most famous character of the capital city of Brussels. Welcome to the room of Manneken Pis, emblematic figure of Brussels folklore. Once locked in his room, your insight, logic and other senses will help you to solve riddles and codes to discover the room. Your mission is to find the little fellow who maliciously hid among the many objects. His universe, largely inspired by his legend, is full of hiding places which you will discover and traps that you will have to outsmart. You will succeed the mission assigned to you and escape the room if you manage to find the mischievous little man within the time given to you.

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