Escape game Bank Job

Company: Escape the Room in 60 Minutes


Rue Saint-Jean 37 1000 Bruxelles ()

+32 2 880 03 70

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The new escape room takes you into the world of bandits and thieves. For maximum an hour you will become the actors of a real adventure scenario and the protagonists of a robbery that will bring you in the bowels of a banking institution. Your plan is to dig the tunnel from distant low corner of the bar all the way to the best guarded place of the city, force the doors of safe room in order to open them and steal the treasures. This first successful mission will allow you to find the solutions that will help you to escape from the police which, like in any good movie, will be on a hunt to put you under lock and key. At the end of this escape game the thieves, who you are, should celebrate the success of this adventure.

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