Escape game Jungle Dice

Company: Escape Zaventem


Excelsiorlaan 16 1930 Zaventem ()


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While backpacking around Europe, travelling in one of its nicest forests you stop to relax and listen. Birds, insect and many other creatures make strangely mesmerizing noises. Suddenly you hear something that is not supposed to be there. You hear the sounds of drums.

Curious, your friends and you decide to go have a look and as you approach the strange sounds you end up standing in front of what seems to be an old shed. The sounds are coming from in there, you are certain of it.

One of you thinks he’s heard an elephant’s trumpet, while another is looking at a weird monkey making signs on a tree next to the shed.

Something odd is happening inside the wooden structure. Why is it there? Is it an animal shelter? You decide to go have a look and the moment you enter is the moment you realize…reality isn’t what it seems to be.

You will be left to your own destiny, making way by solving intriguing puzzles and mysterious riddles. It’s a challenge only the brave can best. Move forward one dice roll at-a-time.

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